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to Salisbury Courtyard Clinic. This private practice is set in a tranquil courtyard in the heart of Salisbury City Center. My aim is to provide a wide variety of foot health treatments in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. I strive to ensure you stay as comfortable and as mobile as possible.

I believe in being open, honest and transparent in my dealings with patients and customers. Your time is precious, (isn't it annoying when you have to phone up to find out the price of anything?), this is why you will find the prices listed on each treatment.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and have a chat!

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Sirene Cleife BSc (Hons) Pod, MCPod, HCPC, WALT, UKITL.

Sirene is a degree qualified, HCPC registered podiatrist who offers a wide range of footcare treatments. She combines medical knowledge and experience, the highest levels of hygiene, and luxurious products to create a wonderful footcare experience for all levels of chiropody appointments.

Sirene graduated from University of Southampton in 2010, where she was also awarded a clinical commendation. She has been a clinicial educator and has a keen interest in research, she has continued her studies with various courses and extra training in new techniques and treatments.

Her current areas of podiatric special interest are treating Fungal Nails and Verrucae.

Sirene is also trained and insured to offer Low-Level Laser Therapy (also known as Photobiomodulation Therapy). This treatment has many applications for wound healing and pain relief for many long term conditions.

Visit our Podiatry and Low-Level Laser pages to find out more about our treatments.