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Do I need a referral?

Many people think that they need a doctor's or a nurse's referral to book a podiatry / chiropody appointment.

You do NOT need any type of referral!

You can book an appointment directly with Salisbury Courtyard Clinic

by phoning 01722 332 034 or emailing [email protected]

If we can help with someones' footcare we are happy to take referrals from doctors, nurses, carers, relatives and other health-care practioners. However, we cannot discuss a patient's care with anyone unless the patient (or their gardian) has signed the relevant consent form.

Does my health insurance policy

cover my podiatry appointments?

Some private health insurance policies will cover podiatry appointments with HCPC regulated practitioners. Please check with your own health insurance provider as they all differ in provision. We do not deal direct with insurance companies, all appointments must be paid for on the day by the patient, and we will issue an insurance receipt for you to recuperate your costs directly with your insurance provider.

How much will it cost?

All the appointment prices are listed on each appointment. This would include any dressings needed during the appointment so there are no hidden surprises. Should you wish to buy extra dressings or additional items (toe spacers for example) we carry a small stock of items for sale. There is no obligation to buy any product recommended by the podiatrist. Our main aim is to provide the treatment you need and some good advice!